Terms of Use

Oriental Land Co., Ltd. ("OLC") hereby provides the terms and conditions on your access and interaction with OLC‘s online booking and purchase services ("Services") on the website (www.tokyodisneyresort.jp) owned and operated by OLC under license from Disney Enterprises, Inc. in the U.S.A. ("DISNEY") and other websites designated by OLC.

Chapter I. GENERAL

Article 1. Scope and Revision

  • 1.The Terms are applied to OLC and User (as defined in Article 3 below) in the context of the access to Services.
  • 2.OLC may make necessary changes to the Terms in a manner deemed appropriate by OLC without obtaining prior consent of User.

Article 2. Access

  • 1.User must access Services in accordance with the Terms and the rules otherwise specified by OLC.
  • 2.OLC may change content of Services without obtaining prior consent of User.

Chapter II. USER

Article 3. Definition

"User" means a person (a) who agrees to the Terms, signs up for the user registration pursuant to the procedures specified by OLC ("User Registration"), and whose User Registration has been approved by OLC or (b) who agrees to the Terms and accesses Services after his/her Disney account is approved by DISNEY pursuant to the procedures specified by DISNEY.

Article 4. Registration

  • 1.User who wants to sign up for User Registration to subscribe Services ("Applicant") can do so through completing the procedures displayed in User Registration section on the Services page in a manner specified by OLC.
  • 2.User Registration requests may be disapproved (a) if the Applicant is found to have been removed or otherwise revoked in the past due to violation of the Terms, (b) if the request form includes false descriptions, or (c) if the approval of the request is determined by OLC to be inappropriate. In such case, OLC has no obligation to notify the reason for such disapproval to the Applicant.
  • 3.Applicants younger than eighteen (18) years of age must obtain the consent of their guardian.
  • 4.OLC will not approve User Registration requests if Applicant is or belongs to:
    • (1) listed gang group or gangster, a related party to listed gang group or gangster, or other anti-social forces under the Law Concerning Prevention of Unjust Acts by Organized Crime Groups (Law No. 77 of 1991) (collectively with similar forces outside Japan, "Gang Groups"),
    • (2) corporation or other entities whose business operation is controlled by Gang Groups, or any employee engaged in such corporation or entities,
    • (3) corporation whose officer is affiliated in Gang Groups, or any employee engaged in such corporation, or
    • (4) any person who appears to have been engaged in an act in breach of law or against public order and standards of decency.
  • In the event any of the above applies, OLC is not obligated to notify the reasons for such disapproval to the Applicant.
  • 5.Applicants residing in outside Japan must obtain DISNEY approval for a Disney account in accordance with the procedures specified by DISNEY.
  • 6.When Applicant who has a Disney account wants to subscribe Services, additional registration procedures may be required in a manner specified by OLC. Such follow-up registration shall be subject to the provisions set out in this Article.

Article 5. Data Update Request and Cancellation

  • 1.Upon occurrence of any changes to address, name, phone number, or other user registration information provided to OLC, User must promptly notify OLC of such changes in a manner separately specified by OLC.
  • 2.User who wants to cancel User Registration can do so by going through the removal procedures displayed on the Services page or via the Disney Account Removal section on the Tokyo Disney Resort official website or on "Disney.jp" or other websites specified by DISNEY.

Article 6. Suspension and Registration Removal

OLC may suspend Services or remove User Registration without prior notice if User:

  • (1) delays, fails, or defaults payment of Services fees or other payment obligations;
  • (2) commits any of the prohibited acts set forth in Article 7 below;
  • (3) is identified to fall any of subparagraphs set forth in Article 4.4. above; or
  • (4) commits any other breach under the Terms or the terms and conditions on voluntary booking or sale of Merchandise (as defined in Article 8.1 below).

Article 7. Prohibited Acts

User is prohibited to engage in any of the acts below:

  • (1) Provides false information at User Registration;
  • (2) Interrupts the operation of Services or otherwise impedes the performance of Services, as determined by OLC;
  • (3) Interacts with Services by using fraudulent credit cards;
  • (4) Assigns, transfers or pledges, in whole or in part, the status of User who subscribes Services, the rights obtained through access to Services, or other rights or obligations under the Terms to a third party without express permission by OLC;
  • (5) Accesses Services for the purpose of sale or resale, or for the purpose of giving Services to any third party engaged in sale or resale;
  • (6) Commits misappropriation of User ID and password;
  • (7) Causes or potentially causes any nuisance, disadvantage, or damage to other Users, third parties, or OLC;
  • (8) Infringes or potentially infringes any copyrights, trade secrets, proprietary rights, privacy, or any and all other rights belonging to other User, third parties, or OLC;
  • (9) Breaches or potentially breaches the public order and standards of decency or applicable laws or regulations; or
  • (10) Any other inappropriate acts as determined by OLC.

Article 8. Copyright and Other Rights

  • 1.Ownership, copyrights, and any and all other rights to the merchandise and its auxiliary services, and information provided by OLC through your interaction with Services (such merchandise and its auxiliary services, "Merchandise") shall belong to OLC. Provided, however, that any rights belonging to DISNEY contained in Merchandise and/or such information shall continue to belong to DISNEY.
  • 2.User may not use any information provided through Services for other purposes than User’s personal use as permitted under Article 30 of the Copyright Act of Japan without the consent of the owner.
  • 3.In the event that any incident arises as a result of User’s breach of any provisions of this Article, User shall solve the incident at its costs and responsibility, and shall hold OLC and DISNEY harmless from any inconvenience or damage.

Article 9. User ID and Password

  • 1.User shall be held responsible for safeguarding its self-assigned user ID and password. OLC and its group companies shall have no liability to that safeguard.
  • 2.User shall not transfer, lend, or disclose to any third party its user ID and password.
  • 3.User shall be held liable for any damage arising out of its insufficient protection or improper use, or third party's use of its user ID and password.
  • 4.User shall immediately notify OLC if User becomes aware of unauthorized use of its user ID and password by a third party.
  • 5.In the use of Services, User acknowledges risk of information divulgence at the time of online settlement, including transmission of credit card information, in the course of access to Services, and shall go through such process at your own risk.

Article 10. Use of Personal Information

  • 1.OLC shall use User’s personal information provided to OLC through the use of Services within the scope of the following purposes.
  • OLC uses personal information acquired during the operation of Tokyo Disney Resort, to the extent related to the Tokyo Disney Resort business, for the purpose of (a) offering service; (b) improving existing merchandise and services and developing new merchandise; and (c) providing update information.

Based on OLC‘s determination, all or part of the personal information may be shared with third parties such as OLC‘s subsidiary companies and Disney Enterprises, Inc. (a U.S. corporation) and its parent, subsidiary and affiliated companies (including those residing outside Japan). The types of personal information shared with such third parties and the methods are as follows:

Personal Information to be Shared

  • (a) information input by customer such as name, date of birth, address, and telephone number;
  • (b) image data included in the photos provided by customer; and
  • (c) Track records of online experience with OLC Services and Merchandise purchases.

Personal Information Transfer Method

  • (a) via servers; and
  • (b) through electronic and paper-based media.

At customer‘s request, OLC will disclose, revise, add, and remove the customer‘s personal information retained by OLC, and suspend or terminate the use of the personal information, and discontinue to provide third parties with the personal information. If customers have any questions or requests concerning OLC‘s privacy practice in connection with Services, please contact us at:

Tokyo Disney Resort Information Center in Oriental Land Co., Ltd.

Address: 1-1 Maihama, Urayasu-shi, Chiba, 279-8511 Japan
Phone: 0570-00-8632
Available: 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
Ref. code for privacy inquiry: P040011

  • Note 1:For IP phone: 045-330-5211, or international call: 81-45-330-5211
  • Note 2:For the purpose of query follow-up and our customer service quality verifications, the dialogue over the phone is to be recorded. We would appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Chapter III. Booking and Purchase of Merchandise

Article 11. Purchase of Merchandise

  • 1.Service offers User to book and purchase Merchandise from OLC.
  • 2.User who wants to book and purchase Merchandise can do so by making requests in accordance with the procedures specified by OLC.
  • 3.At the time User receives an e-mail sent from OLC notifying the acceptance of User request, the sale and purchase agreement or the booking between User and OLC for such Merchandise shall become effective unless credit card company designated by User notifies us of User‘s default.
  • 4.Notwithstanding the foregoing, if User commits any improprieties or otherwise inappropriate acts in its use of Services, or if OLC removes User Registration pursuant to the Terms, OLC may cancel or terminate the sale and purchase agreement or take other appropriate measures.
  • 5.If Merchandise booked or purchased by User is for Tokyo Disneyland Park ticket and/or Tokyo DisneySea Park ticket (collectively, "Park Tickets") and any prohibited act set out in Article 7 above is identified with respect to such Park Tickets, OLC shall make all Park Tickets purchased by User who engaged in the prohibited act null and void, regardless of whether the Park Tickets are subject to such prohibited act, and refuse entry into Tokyo Disneyland Park and Tokyo DisneySea Park. In this case, no refund shall be made to such invalidated Park Tickets.
  • 6.Deliveries of Merchandise purchased through Services are available in Japan unless otherwise specified by OLC.
  • 7.With respect to booking and purchases of packaged tours, paragraph 3 in this Article shall be subject to travel package contracts or travel terms and conditions separately stipulated by OLC.

Article 12. Payment

  • 1.The amount payable to Merchandise will be the total amount of Merchandise, delivery charge, handling fee, and applicable consumption tax.
  • 2.The payment of Merchandise purchased through Services shall be made by credit card in the name of User or in other manners separately authorized by OLC.
  • 3.Payments by credit card shall be subject to the agreement separately executed between User and the credit card company. Any disputes between User and the credit card company shall be settled between the both parties, and OLC shall have no liability for such disputes.

Article 13. Merchandise Return

  • 1.No Merchandise return is acceptable except for any damage or breakage incurred during the transportation, delivery of different Merchandise, or in other deficiencies acknowledged by OLC.
  • 2.Merchandise return set forth in the preceding paragraph 1 shall be made pursuant to the procedures separately specified by OLC.
  • 3.As for booking and purchases of travel packages or accommodations, provisions set out in paragraphs 1 and 2 of this Article shall be read as the related travel package contracts, travel terms and conditions, or the general conditions for accommodation specified by each hotel.

Chapter IV. Operation of Services

Article 14. Suspension

OLC may suspend Services in whole or in part without prior notice to customer if any of the following applies:

  • (1) regular and emergency system maintenance;
  • (2) difficulties in the system operation due to force majeure such as natural disaster, fire, or power failure, or interference or other disruptions by a third party;
  • (3) system malfunction or breakdown; or
  • (4) other necessary system suspensions as determined by OLC.

Article 15. Discontinuation

  • 1.OLC may discontinue Services upon no less than one (1) month prior notice to User in accordance with the procedures specified by OLC.
  • 2.OLC shall have no liabilities for any damage, loss, or other disadvantages incurred to User arising from discontinuation of Services for any reasons whatsoever.

Article 16. Disclaimer

  • 1.OLC shall have no liabilities for any and all damages incurred to User (or Applicant) in any way arising out of inability of User to access Services, disapproval and/or removal of User Registration by OLC pursuant to the Terms, or invalidation of Park Tickets by OLC pursuant to the Terms.
  • 2.OLC shall be released from any liabilities as long as OLC renders administrative work in conformity with the registration data provided by User and makes deliveries of Merchandise to the address designated by User at the time of purchase.
  • 3.OLC shall have no liabilities for any damages incurred to User arising out of its use of Services, except for OLC's intentional act or negligence (or except for OLC‘s intentional act or gross negligence in the case of User's indirect damage) and be relieved of obligations for any and all compensations for such damages.
  • 4.If User causes any damage to another User or a third party due to its use of Services, User shall settle such matter at its own cost and responsibility, and indemnify and hold OLC harmless from any and all claims or liabilities in relation to such matter.

Article 17. Miscellaneous

  • 1.Communication between User and OLC will be made by telephone or via email in principle.
  • 2.Any problems regarding the use of Services that are unable to be settled based on the Terms or guidance given by OLC or its group company shall be settled through consultation in good faith between OLC and User.
  • 3.The execution, effect, performance, and construction of the Terms shall be governed by laws of Japan.
  • 4.Any lawsuits arising out of or in relation to the use of Service shall be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Tokyo District Court of Japan for the first instance.

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