How to use this site

How to use the Travel Bag

You can use your Travel Bag to view your schedule while also being able to book various items and services offered in the Tokyo Disney Resort Online Reservation & Tickets site.

You must register with the Tokyo Disney Resort Online Reservations & Tickets site to use the Travel Bag. If you are a new user, please register from the link below.

Using the Travel Bag

Adding contents

1Go to the page for purchasing Park tickets. Fill out the form, and select “Continue.”

2Select the desired contents from the different categories, and proceed to the Reservations page.

3You can reserve, change, or cancel a hotel (room).

Editing contents

You can change or cancel your reserved contents by going to your Travel Bag.

1Select your plan to see its details. You can change or cancel the contents of your reservation by selecting “View Booking Details.”

2Go to the page for changing or canceling the relevant contents.

Changing the calendar display

You can change how your Travel Bag is displayed by selecting the “1 day,” “3 day,” or “1 month” button at the top of the calendar. New reservations can be made from the “1 day” or “3 day” calendar display.

1-month display

1Days that have a reservation will be marked with a footprint. If you bring the cursor near it, you will see a “check the schedule” button. Clicking on this button will switch your calendar to a 1-day display.

3-day display

You can check your 3-day schedule in one screen. This display also allows you to make new reservations.

  • The initial setting for the Travel Bag is with the 3-day display.

1-day display

You will see the schedule for the designated day only. As with the 3-day display, this display allows you to make new reservations.