How to make reservations and purchases

How to use My Bookings

How to use My Bookings

You can view a history of the bookings that you have made on this site. You can change or cancel your reservations from Booking Details.

1You can list your bookings in the order of the date of booking, or in the order of the date of use. You can also choose to not display canceled or past reservations.

2You can view the details of your bookings. You can also change or cancel your reservations by clicking on this button.

How to use Booking Details

You can confirm the details of what you have booked through this site.

1You can see the booking confirmation e-mail that has been sent to your registered e-mail address.

2You can change your reservation details. Click the “Changing your Reservations” button to make changes.

3You can cancel your reservation. Click the “Cancel” button to cancel.

Using the Reservation Information Query

If you made reservations through the Tokyo Disney Resort Online Reservations/Purchasing Support Desk, you can view your reservations details by providing your reservation number, name, and telephone number.