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2020/6/23 (Tue)

Tokyo Disneyland  / Tokyo DisneySea  Reopening date and park operations procedures

This is to share the decision that both Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea will reopen on July 1,2020 .
With the reopening of both parks, we are implementing measures in accordance with the Amusement Park and Theme Park New Coronavirus Infection Containment Guidelines that were developed based on the government’s Basic Policies for Novel Coronavirus Disease Control, and additionally are following government agency guidance to give top priority to the health and safety of our guests and cast members in our operations.
We will be deliberate in our operations, thoroughly implementing health and safety measures such as controlled capacity through limits on attendance, limited visitors in attractions, shops, restaurants, and other facilities, regular cleaning and sanitization, proactively requesting guests to maintain social distancing, among other things.

We will also endeavor to promote health and safety by having the information filled in for the primary contact person when guests purchase tickets.

Please click Tokyo Disneyland / Tokyo DisneySea Reopening date and park operations procedures for details.