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2021/3/12 (Fri)

To all customers considering switching carriers or their mobile plan to ahamo, povo, LINEMO, etc.

Due to mobile carriers’ introduction of a new pricing plan starting this month, you will soon be unable to use your current carrier email address (e.g. @docomo.ne.jp, etc).

To change the email address registered to your user registration information (Disney Account), a passcode must be sent to the email address currently registered to your account. After entering the passcode, you will be able to update your email address.  

As a result, guests who have a mobile carrier email address registered to their account and plan to change their mobile plan or switch carriers should prepare a different email address (e.g: @gmail,com, etc).

We ask that you update the email address registered to your Disney Account before your current email address becomes unavailable for use. In addition, if you have changed your plan or switched carriers prior to changing your email address, you will not be able to update the email address on your Disney Account on your own.

To check and/or change your registered email address, please use the “Edit Account” in this page. (The link below will redirect you to the Disney account page)